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Who Said That Honey Does Not Have A Shelf Life, How Is Honey Stored Correctly?
Jul 25, 2018

1. Sealed storage: Generally, the honey eaten at home is filled. When you eat it, it is poured out a little, and then covered with a lid. The lid does not have any effective sealing measures, and air and bacteria are easy to enter. So when choosing honey, you can choose a small can, you can eat it in a few days, or buy a small bag, eat a bag at a time. If you are unfortunate enough to buy a large can, don't worry, buy a roll of plastic wrap, cover each time you eat it, then wrap the bottle with plastic wrap.

2. heating to prevent fermentation: hot summer, honey is easy to ferment at room temperature. If this is the case, the honey should be placed in a glass container and placed in a pot and heated to 63 ° C ~ 65 ° C, and kept for 30 minutes to prevent fermentation.

3. ginger slices to prevent deterioration: To make honey for a long time without deterioration, no change in taste, you can put a proper amount of ginger in honey. The method is: select pure honey without impurities, put it into a clean glass bottle or ceramic jar, then add a small piece of ginger to each 500 grams of honey, seal it and store it in a cool place, then it can be put for a long time without deterioration.

4. Cold water preservation: There is also a way to preserve food is to store in cold water, use the bag to pack the bottled honey, seal it tightly, and not leak. Then use a basin of the right size to fill the water in a cool place, then put the honey in it. If you have a well in the countryside and you have a well, you can put the honey in the well. The preservation effect is a lot, and the honey will not crystallize. Rural cattle farms use this method to preserve fresh milk.