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What Is The Role Of Beeswax
Jul 20, 2018

The medicinal value of beeswax is very high. In traditional Chinese medicine, beeswax has the effects of detoxification, muscle growth and pain. The internal and external application can treat acute heartache, sputum and pus and blood, long-term diarrhea, fetal movement, bloody wounds, long-term collapse, water and fire burns.

Western medicine, because the main component of beeswax is the ester formed by higher fatty acids and higher monohydric alcohols, it is made into various ointments, emulsions and suppositories, which can be used to treat various diseases such as ulcers, phlegm, burns and wounds.

Oral chewing beeswax can treat pharyngeal cheekitis and maxillary sinusitis. Chewing and sealing wax can enhance respiratory immunity and treat rhinitis, paranasal sinus mucositis and hay fever. The beeswax is made into a cool compressing ointment applied to the affected part to treat occlusive endarteritis, periodontitis and spastic colitis.

A compound of beeswax mixed with calcium carbonate, mineral oil and pure rosin can treat chronic mastitis, eczema, burns, trauma, phlegm, dermatitis, and abscess papilloma.