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The Latest And Most Popular Skin Care Products: Bee Venom
Jul 25, 2018

A new magic ingredient added to skin creams, lip balms and facial masks has caused a constant sensation - it is bee venom.

A long time ago, bee venom was used in ancient medicine, and now it is touted as a kind of "natural botulinum bacterium", which can promote the body to produce collagen and elastin, thereby lifting the skin and making the skin smooth and tight. The purpose of the cause. Bee venom also contains a complex called "bee venom" which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Most of the clinical studies on bee venom have focused on its efficacy in diseases such as cancer and arthritis, and research on its use as a skin care therapy has been very rare.

In some products, bee venom is purified before being added to cosmetics. When used in skin care, depending on the skin quality of the consumer, it is said that bee venom occasionally causes a tingling sensation in the skin, but the duration of the tingling is not long.

In addition, bee venom products are also used in beauty salons and spas.