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The Effect And Function Of Honey And Its Edible Method
Aug 19, 2017

The effect and function of honey and its edible method

Methods / steps

1. Chinese medicine, honey, sweet natured, spleen, lung, heart, stomach, large intestine. It has the functions of Nourishing Yin, moistening dryness, tonifying deficiency, moistening lung, detoxifying and harmonizing various medicines. Commonly used in the lung dry cough, weakness, constipation, mouth sores, scald, epigastric pain, also can be the solution of aconite, aconite poison.

2. honey contains fructose, glucose, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and a variety of minerals. Often eat can prevent anemia, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, and can improve human immunity.

Monosaccharide: glucose and fructose can be digested and absorbed directly by the body.

Enzymes: enzymes that promote the body's digestion and absorption of a variety of substances.

Acetylcholine: the elimination of fatigue, excitement, nerves, improve memory.

Flavonoids: antioxidant, enhance immunity.

3. honey = human serum

Honey is a widely recognized natural nutrient food. Tests show that honey contains a variety of inorganic salts similar to human serum concentrations, such as iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus, and many vitamins and organic acids. Therefore, honey is called "the king of serum"".

Honey contains pollen, often drink honey to pollen allergy has certain resistance: toxic venom - liquid trace in honey, and anti allergic effect, clinically used in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma and other allergic diseases. A spoonful of honey a day can keep you away from asthma, itching and other allergic symptoms.

4. according to the type of bee collected flowers, divided into jujube honey, acacia honey, sunflower honey, pear honey, litchi honey, Vitex honey, Chinese milk vetch nectar. Different honey, the effect is different.

Remove the fire: Huang Lianmi, honey loquat honey, Vitex nectar, acacia honey, Chinese milk vetch nectar.

Beauty honey: honey, Wild Rose Honey vetch and motherwort honey.

Honey which is good for the lungs: medlar honey, citrus honey, loquat honey.

Good for the stomach honey: sweet osmanthus honey, Schisandra honey, jujube nectar, citrus honey, sesame honey.

Insomnia is good for honey: longan honey, five ignorant honey, jujube nectar, preferably Royal jelly.

Honey that is good for catharsis: all honey has the effect of catharsis.

5. and the color of honey bees collected nectar species directly related, therefore made different nectar plants nectar from the honey, there is a great difference in color. Acacia honey and some colored honey sweet breath, good quality, but the Codonopsis honey, longan honey, Date Honey, deep color, also belongs to the top of honey. Nutrition experts have shown that dark honey in the protein and iron content is higher than about 50% of light colored honey.

Tips for health:

1. honey, partner"

Honey can eat a lot of warm water for drinking, can also and all kinds of food collocation edible. For example, you can combine honey with bread, milk, fruit juice, porridge, soups and other breakfast foods.

The most nutritious breakfast - Honey + milk

Honey contains a large number of monosaccharides, can be absorbed directly by the body, and contains higher energy: milk high nutritional value, low thermal energy. Both with drinking, can achieve the best effect of supplementary energy and nutrition.

2. honey heating should not exceed 60 degrees

When the temperature is above 60 degrees, the bioactive enzymes in honey are destroyed and the nutritional value is decreased. Therefore, honey should not be heated at high temperature.

3. honey use glassware.

4. diabetics should not take.

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