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Regular Honey Can Stay Healthy Long Life
Feb 02, 2015

Honey is the bees gather nectar to breed in a nest. Depending on the honey season and spring, summer, winter, honey, honey-the best quality in winter. From the field, such as trees, caves, known as the wild honey, which is also called stone or rock honey honey, the best quality, but production is limited, and thus seen by many in the market are taken out of the artificial bee honey. The human health benefits of honey has long been acknowledged. Shen Nong's Materia Medica is beneficial for the top grade honey listed as ancient Greece people think honey is "a gift", and India the Vedas say honey can induce longevity. Chinese Liang dynasty famous doctor Tao Hongjing says: "pills of Taoism, with more honey, immortal man, honey, that everlasting. "Although this statement smacks of hyperbole, but amply justify the honey's role in nutrition and health.