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Product: Royal Jelly Soft Capsule
Jul 08, 2017

Product: Royal Jelly Soft Capsule


Chinese has the advantages of abundant nectar plant, in 2005 the national bee feeding nearly 8 million groups, honey production reached 220 thousand tons, of which natural ripe honey amounted to 100 thousand tons, the annual output of 3000 tons of royal jelly, bee pollen, the annual output of 3000 tons, 350 tons of propolis. At present, the royal jelly Chinese nearly half of exports to Japan, the royal jelly products mainly include fresh royal jelly and royal jelly powder, royal jelly capsule, royal jelly soft capsule, royal jelly soft capsule technical content is high, quality is difficult to control.

Royal jelly is a kind of precious and artificial nutritional food which can not be imitated. Royal jelly has a wide range of uses in China, mainly as a nutritious food and some diseases prevention and adjuvant treatment drugs. The royal jelly soft capsule is a soft capsule which is prepared by freezing and drying the royal jelly, and then adding a mixture of soybean salad oil, beeswax and soybean lecithin. According to the principle of science, the royal jelly must be preserved in -18 C freezing period at room temperature does not exceed 24 hours, while the royal jelly can maintain at room temperature for about 2 months, but placed at room temperature with time increasing, and the fluctuation of temperature, royal jelly will appear absorption problem the tide, agglomeration, its intrinsic quality may therefore change greatly. Therefore, soft capsules can control these problems to a certain extent.

The formula of royal jelly soft capsule is:

Contents: royal jelly, freeze-dried powder, 25% beeswax, 5% soybean lecithin, 5% soybean salad oil 65%, rubber: gelatin: water: Glycerin =1:1:0.4

The company is in a large processing base for bee products in Beijing, and ranks in the forefront of China's bee products industry. The company's bee products processing technology is also excellent. Royal jelly soft capsule is the company's fist product, the annual sales of more than 10 million yuan, soft capsule production at about 1 million per month. And won the State Food and Drug Administration approved the approval of health food products sold throughout the country, in the middle-aged and elderly consumers in the public good reputation.

When the incident happened, I was the R & D staff of the R & D Department of the company. At the same time, I was familiar with the company's products, and had more knowledge about the production and testing.

Quality event:

The quality of the incident in 2004, at that time, frontline sales staff to reflect the company after the royal jelly soft capsule is stored for a period of time there is discoloration and oil leakage phenomenon caused by the attention of executives, recalled some of the products to the observation and analysis.

Investigation and analysis:

After the product recall, the first thing is to send sample inspection, according to the inspection results found the following problems:

(1) the color changed from the pale yellow to the tan;

(2) before the capsule surface is very dry and bright, has now become greasy, lack of light;

(3) the content of sebacic acid decreased from 1.5% to 1.2%;

(4) recall capsule in north than in the south of the color slightly shallow;

(5) capsule will cut the rubber with alcohol washed and found rubber color does not enhance, and just when dry rubber almost no two, but the hardness of some change, and the contents of the color is more obvious than just to many deep color ingredients;

(6) extend the disintegration time limit.

Reason analysis:

(1) soft capsule is made of rubber of gelatin, glycerin and water made, has certain plasticity, and quality defects may have caused the rubber rubber color, rubber mesh structure was destroyed in the capsule oil leak out.

(2) the content of the soft capsule and the oxygen entering through the rubber will be oxidized and reduced, which will cause the color to be deepened.

(3) the high temperature weather in South China will aggravate the aging of gelatin, and the aging rate of soft capsules is related to the storage temperature. When stored at 40 DEG C for a long time, the collagen micelles in the reticular structure of gelatin changes, and the structure changes drastically, which makes the soft capsules difficult to dissolve and the disintegration time obviously prolonged. The self crosslinking of gelatin caused by heating is due to the condensation of amino acid carboxyl groups on gelatin chains with the amino groups on adjacent chains, resulting in prolonged disintegration time.

(4) the moisture content of rubber is too high, because the increase of water content may accelerate the oxidation of gelatin, accelerate the aging of the wall of the cyst, and cause the disintegration time to be prolonged.

Improvement scheme test:

(1) gelatin is the key raw material which affects the quality of the rubber. The gelatin used in the company is always a little mass, because the price of good gelatin and ordinary gelatin is 2 times difference. In terms of the intrinsic quality of the gelatin, the strength of the gelatin is generally 180 degrees, while the ordinary gelatin may be only about 120 degrees. The worse the quality of the gelatin, the faster the aging rate will be, and the longer the disintegration time will be. Such a problem, we naturally will think of this area, we all agreed that should improve the quality of gelatin. People who have been exposed to gelatin know that Guangdong, Kaiping gelatin, Wenzhou gelatin and Qinghai gelatin are the best gelatin in China, so the gelatin made from Guangdong and Kaiping is used as a batch of experimental samples. It's put in the insulation aging balls can accelerate capsule rubber in the incubator, quality problems will be revealed earlier, but holding more than a month, the color becomes deep capsules or capsules, the outside is still leaking oil, but the joint is not common soft capsule rubber connection is not good. The oil spill but, the surface like sweating the capsules are coming out, clean it into the incubator after a few days is the same, but the oil leakage is faster than the common pressure gelatin has certain change capsules.

(2) we also purchased royal jelly soft capsule samples of other companies, some royal jelly soft capsule and imported heat accelerating experiment, we found these problems also appeared in other companies on a sample, but some changes speed quickly, some change speed will slow down, so the color problem in royal jelly products all will happen, royal jelly is placed in the natural environment will appear discoloration, moisture absorption phenomenon, decenoic acid content will decline, royal jelly color at room temperature in the moisture absorption phenomenon is any enterprise can not avoid the problem. A lot of research data show that the unstable material can be effectively prevented from contacting with oxygen through microencapsulation, thus greatly reducing the unstable factors. The amount of beta cyclodextrin, Arabia glue, gelatin and water dissolved into solution as wall material, royal jelly as capsule heart, two-phase mixing, emulsifying machine grinding for half an hour, and then made into microcapsules by vacuum freeze drying powder. The frozen powder embedded in the powder was compared with the freeze-dried powder of the royal jelly which was not embedded in the incubator, and it was found that the color of the freeze-dried powder was increased much faster than the freeze-dried powder without embedding. Therefore, microencapsulation can effectively alleviate the discoloration of lyophilized royal jelly powder.

Rectification measures:

(1) the royal jelly is prepared by freezing and drying after embedding, and then the content is added;

(2) all the gelatin is replaced by good quality Guangdong Kaiping gelatin;

(3) the storage place of the finished product shall be changed from the former warehouse at the normal temperature to the cold storage at low temperature;

(4) add 1 packs of 2G silica gel desiccant in each bottle.

The results of the rectification: Royal Jelly soft capsule color oil leakage phenomenon has changed, in the capsule completely within 30 minutes no solution, slow down a lot of 10-had.

Work experience:

Every quality event happens a lot of times, and it's not a very simple reason. It often comes together for a lot of reasons. In the process of pressing soft capsule, to do the monitoring work of each control point, ensure the capsule shape, amount of qualified, pay close attention to the production process to check the rubber thickness and evenness, timely replenishment of lubrication equipment operation, strictly control the workshop environment temperature and humidity and glue temperature. Pay attention to the control of the contents of the ingredients when the grinding fineness, the temperature is not too high, especially the water content of not more than 3%; ensure the glue feeding accuracy, sol vacuum degree, temperature and time, viscosity, moisture and strictly control glue; strictly control the drying room temperature and humidity, moisture can't keep the final product of more than 12% rubber capsules; capsule to avoid contact with high temperature during storage.

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