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How To Identify The True And False Of Honey
Jul 20, 2018

First, look at the color: true honey color does not look very clear, white, light yellow or amber, light pastel color is preferred; fake honey color is bright, generally light yellow or dark yellow. Look at the shape: true honey provokes visible flexible filaments, constantly flowing. The fake honey has a suspended matter or a sediment, and when it is picked up, it drops in a drop shape and has a flow cut. Look at the label: Where the ingredient list indicates white sugar, fructose syrup and other ingredients, it should be fake honey.

The second is that the real honey has a light floral scent; the fake honey smells pungent or fruity.

The third is taste, the honey is sweet and delicious, with a slight sour taste, the crystal block is bitten and crisp, and it contains instant; the fake honey has bitter or chemical smell, no aromatic smell, the crystal block chews like sugar, and it is crispy. Loud.

The fourth is "hot water dissolution", put a spoonful of honey into the cup, add four to five times hot water to dissolve it, and let it stand for three to four hours, if there is no precipitation, it is pure honey, good honey.