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Benefits Of Drinking Honey, Honey What Are The Benefits
Feb 02, 2015

Effect and role of honey

Honey, insects bees collected nectar from the flowers of flowering plants brewed honey in the hive. Bee from plant of spent in the take moisture about for 80% of nectar or secretion real, deposited himself second a stomach in the, in body conversion enzyme of role Xia after 30 minutes of fermentation, returned to hive in the spit, hive within temperature often keep in 35 ℃ around, after a time, water evaporation, became water content less than 20% of honey, storage to nest hole in the, with beeswax sealed. Composition of honey in addition to glucose, fructose also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 1 kilograms of honey contain 2940 calories. Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, and low temperatures will produce crystalline, Crystal glucose, do not produce crystals part is fructose.