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Bee Man And Wife Adsorption 970,000 Bee Weighs 96 Kg 1 Hour
Feb 02, 2015

The body wearing only a pair of Boxer shorts, without any protective measures, was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bees, seamless, layer upon layer, people reminding one of a statue. Such pomp on this afternoon by Mingyuan bee industry in association with a "Bee man" on the challenge, the game held in changde dingcheng Mingyuan bee farm base. Husband and wife combo PK Zhang Yongli couple Zhang Wei and his wife Lu's brother and sister combination, which lasted one hour and, ultimately, couples mix 96.5 kilograms, nearly 970,000 bee adsorption to the waist, defeated Lu's brother and sister combination of adsorption 79 kg. Scene two combo is like standing in the hundred acre rapeseed flowers of two double sculpture, attracting thousands of spectators cheer from all over came to help out.

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