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Royal jelly can save how long, royal jelly preservation method
Feb 18, 2018

Royal jelly is very sensitive to heat, metal, air, glare and bacteria. For example, royal jelly and metal react chemically, so royal jelly can not be preserved in metal containers. Royal jelly should be preserved in glass, ceramic or plastic containers. Air can oxidize royal jelly, Therefore, the preservation of royal jelly as far as possible to isolate the air, that is, sealing is better; light can make royal jelly reduction reaction, so the container to save royal jelly must be dark translucent or opaque; preservation of royal jelly is the greatest preservation temperature, the following will save Temperature royal jelly preservation time to do introduction.

First, the preservation time of frozen royal jelly, many people know that royal jelly need to be frozen, the temperature of our freezer freezer is about minus 18 ℃, royal jelly at this temperature, you can save 2 years or more and Will not be spoiled, used to feed larvae can develop into a queen, so save the best preserved royal jelly.

Second, royal jelly is preserved in cold storage. Many people store the royal jelly in a refrigerator freezer. The freezer temperature is about 0 ° C to 5 ° C. The royal jelly can be stored at this temperature for about two to three months. Consumption or consumption of royal jelly, can be stored in the refrigerator freezer.

Thirdly, royal jelly should be preserved at room temperature. If you do not do anything, the royal jelly can be stored at room temperature for about 3 days, but after mixing with honey for a certain percentage, it can greatly prolong the preservation time of royal jelly at room temperature. Many say different from 5% to 30%, I personally often use the mixing ratio is 20%, that is, 100 grams of royal jelly and 400 grams of honey mixture, and then sealed in a cool place at room temperature to save, you can save 2 months Around the time will not be degenerate, suitable for friends who do not have freezer refrigeration equipment.

Well, the above is a detailed description of how long royal jelly can be stored, if you eat royal jelly, you can refer to the above preservation method to save the royal jelly.

Royal jelly is more expensive than honey bee products, royal jelly in the active substance is much more than honey, and easily lose activity and deterioration, this article is to say that the royal jelly preservation precautions, we should know when to save royal jelly need to pay attention to thing.

External factors on the quality of royal jelly composition changes, has a decisive role, a lot of natural factors can lead to deterioration of royal jelly corruption. According to the characteristics of royal jelly, in sum, the royal jelly has "seven afraid": a fear of heat, two afraid of light, three afraid of air, four fear of bacterial contamination, five afraid of metal, six afraid of acid, seven afraid of alkali. The above factors directly affect the quality of royal jelly to varying degrees, will be harmed in the process of storage a little careless.

Royal jelly is particularly sensitive to heat, the summer day at room temperature for a day, its freshness decreased significantly, stored at room temperature for dozens of hours there fermentation, and then continue to spoilage. Light on the royal jelly as a catalyst, its aldehyde, ketone can play a role in the reduction; air on the royal jelly can play a role in oxidation; water vapor on royal jelly hydrolysis. Royal jelly is acidic, with the metal chemical reaction, can dissolve in alkaline substances. Royal jelly can inhibit or kill bacteria, but is particularly sensitive to yeast, under certain conditions, easily metamorphosed. These characteristics of royal jelly, bring certain difficulties for storage. Therefore, in order to store royal jelly, the method must be proper.

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