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How to tell a true honey
Feb 02, 2015

Take another look

Color: honey color appear transparent or translucent color. Honey contains some pollen and proteins, enzymes, minerals and other ingredients, so it is not immediately clear, white, pale yellow or amber, pale color is a plus. Fake honey posing as because they are boiled with sugar or syrup, bright color, generally pale yellow or dark yellow; shapes: honey is viscous liquid, provoked visible silky filament, continuous flow.

Carefully sniff

True honey scent of pure, natural, subtle scent of plants and honey smells pungent odor or fruit-flavored.

Personally taste

Honey Sweet, viscous heavy paste mouth feel slightly light sour taste long after taste crystals teeth that is crisp, with melting. Fake honey savouring the bitter taste or chemical smell, fragrance-free, crystals to chew, such as granulated sugar, crisp vocal.

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