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How royal jelly is produced, the royal jelly production process
Feb 18, 2018

Royal jelly is a queen bee among the bee-peculiar food, with soft gold, is a natural senior nutrition, but you know how the royal jelly come? If you do not know, let the Chinese honey net Xiaobian tell you how to produce royal jelly, and how the production process of royal jelly is.


Royal jelly is the worker bee to produce a natural substance with the royal gland, this substance has a significant position in the bee colony, which is the lifelong food queens, but also bee larvae food, royal jelly is a milky white or light yellow , This material not only allows the queen bee edible, but also human natural health products, but how is the production of royal jelly?


How to produce royal jelly

1, royal jelly in the production of the conditions of the outside world have great demands, the most important thing is the outside temperature to more than fifteen degrees, and there is no cold air, and then there must be sufficient natural honey in the source, in the production of royal jelly fifteen Days, there can be no lack of honey status.


2, before the production of royal jelly, there are many preparatory work to be done in advance, such as the pulp box, table base and insemination needles are all necessary tools for people to produce royal jelly. In addition to the king of the board is also essential for the production of royal jelly when a product, we can divide the bees by the king board into two parts, resulting in the following box, for the production of royal jelly is very beneficial.

3, ready for these later, you can begin production of royal jelly, the first production of royal jelly in the artificial Wang stage smear a small amount of honey, and then use the worm to quickly move the bee king larvae artificial King station in the After the pest insects into the production of spleen pulp group, after three hours to observe whether to start pulp, if the start of pulp on the migration insects that is successful.

4, about sixty hours, ten o'clock in the morning before and after the royal jelly can be charged in royal jelly to take the artificial king Taichung larvae removed, and then collect the royal jelly together and then stored in the refrigerator to ensure Royal jelly will not deteriorate.

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