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Healthy Food——Royal jelly
Dec 23, 2017

Royal jelly, also known as royal jelly, royal jelly, royal jelly, and royal jelly, is the secreta of the throat of young pharyngeal glands that nurture larvae in the bee's nest and supplies the larvae that will become Queen bees Bee king of lifelong food.

The so-called royal jelly is young millet edible pollen secretion of an emulsion, the milk like mammals and milk and great nutritional value and immune function, the bees (worker bees or Xiongfeng) and the queen bee in the egg is the same, After hatching eat three days after the royal jelly was changed to eat honey and pollen grow into a bee, after hatching has been eating royal jelly grow into a queen bee, bees (worker bees or Xiongfeng) life expectancy of one to six months and the queen bee always consumed royal jelly Can live five to seven years. The color of royal jelly is slightly changed according to the pollen of bee edible pollen is generally divided into milky white and yellowish.

Hangzhou Golden Harvest Health Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province,which is knows as”China bee products base”, founded in 2004, Golden harvest is a professional bee products company, focusing on bee products, our main products are honey,beeswax, royal jelly,propolis,and bee pollen.

Adhering to the “to provide pure natural products for your healthy life”as mission;top quality as basic requirements; “integrity, partnerships and win-win”as development ideas, with years of sales experience,quality products & perfect services,we have won a high reputation and are trusted by customers from both at home and abroad. Hangzhou Golden Harvest advocates”positive and kind”as values and aims to be the most respected bee products enterprise in the world.


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