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Early water don't drink of honey
Feb 02, 2015

Many people used to get up early and evening glass of honey water before sleep to health, but experts pointed out that such an approach was unreasonable, boiled water should be used in place of honey.

Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine diet nutrition department director Wang Yi pointed out, a lot of people drink the first glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning is the honey, which is inappropriate. As honey is sugar water, not just water. Fructose in honey to be acquired by human metabolism is converted to glucose absorption and utilization by the body, so kidney urine longer than drinking a glass of water is relatively slow, this was reduced to the role of detoxification of the body, losing the significance of drinking the first glass of water early in the morning. So should drink a glass of warm water in the morning, and ten minutes later drink honey water or direct consumption of honey or eat with bread.

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