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5 eating nutrition-double
Feb 02, 2015

1, 50 g of honey and warm water, and then drunk, sooner or later each time, to relieve dry cough and constipation; adding 0.3 g Borneol powders with drink, can cure hoarseness.

2, honey and melon juice, a Cup, rates have suits, treating pregnancy urine is blocked.

3, 100 ml fresh Lotus root juice, honey and 30 grams, mix well taken once a day, take a few days. Cure for lung-heat cough, dry throat sore throat.

4, chuanbei powder 5 g, 30 g of honey, taking half an hour steaming. Rule outlasted incurable lung dry cough and dry cough without phlegm or blood in the sputum.

5, and take Sydney 1 – 2 a, cut skin to nuclear cut, into stew Cup within, plus little water, reset pot within with simmer across water stew about 1 hours, removed stay cool Hou joined 2 spoon around of honey mix can water eat PEAR meat, can reached run lung run dry of effect, ease autumn dry caused of mouth dry, and thirsty, and pharyngeal jerky syndrome.

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