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Filtered Yellow Refined Beeswax

Filtered Yellow Refined Beeswax

Basic Info Filtered Yellow Refined Beeswax Beeswax is a fatty substance that secreted by four pairs of wax glands which are in the proper-age worker bees' abdomen. Bees use beeswax to build their comb .Product name: Refined Yellow beeswax blockPackage :25kg/bagBag size :42*32*27cm ...

Filtered Yellow Refined Beeswax

Our filtered yellow beeswax made in the hive of honey bees. The wax is 100% pure and supplied in slab and pellets form.

Yellow Beeswax is filtered for purity while the natural color and aromas of honey are preserved.

Our yellow beeswax has a gentle scent of honey. Its easy-to-melt shape and natural yellow color make it a perfect base for homemade cosmetics and candles.

Our all natural yellow beeswax pearls are 100% pure and are filtered to be free of debris.  Our wholesale yellow beeswax granules are great for their ease of use but still maintain the characteristic aroma and color that beeswax is known for.  You will find them much easier to work with than traditional blocks. This version is very popular in candles.

The origin of beeswax :Beeswax is a fatty substance that secreted by four pairs of wax glands which are in the proper-age worker bees' abdomen. Bees use beeswax to build their comb . 

The physical properties of beeswax : Beeswax is solid at room temperature ,with characteristics of unique flavor, plasticity and lubricity . It will not stick your teeth when you chew the pure beeswax . It is white color after chewing and without grease taste .You will see a lot of micro crystal particles when you break off beeswax .There will be " wax quilt" in the surface when beeswax is stored in a low temperature . 


Impurity: < 0.2%
Melting Point: 62&#186;C-67&#186;C
Acid value (KOH mg/g): 17-24
Saponification value (KOH mg/g): 85-102
Hydrocarbon: 16%-18%
Refraction Index (75 centi degree): 1.441-1.443

cosmetics ,face cream ,emulsion ,medicine ,ointment ,tablet coating ,candle, shell coating of cake and candy , polishing of wood and floor .

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